MaineSchoolTech And thank you for being here and offering such great comments and insights! See you in September. #1to1techat
10:04PM May 24
PondCoveTech Final day w/ @tinkercad building sailboats. G4Ss adding masts. Printing this week+sailing/testing next week. @ff3dprinters #motionanddesign
12:35PM May 23
capetechnology Google’s AlphaGo Defeats Chinese Go Master in Win for A.I.
09:28AM May 23

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Technology (Technical Support)
Noel Harroff, Technology Coordinator School/Town
Jason Lund, Network & Computer Systems Administrator
Matthew Young, Network & Computer Systems Administrator
Jack Duffy, Computer User Support Specialist
Dean Zaharis, Database Facilitator
Wendy Derzawiec, Webmaster
Technology (Instructional)
Thomas Charltray , Technology Teacher (PCES)
Amanda Kozaka, Library and Instructional Technology Specialist (CEMS)
Jonathan Werner , Library and Instructional Technology Specialist (CEMS)
Carolyn Young, Library and Instructional Technology Specialist (CEHS)
Ginger Raspiller, Technology Integrator (CEHS)
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